Wealth Growth Partner was born out of the need to formalize what I was already doing in different latitudes to some of my friends and clients.

Degree and Experience:
I have 34 years of experience in multiple lines of business and a degree in Computer
Programming from Kishiniosky Economicheski Institute- 1992

Why I’m so passionate about the Small and MID-Sizes businesses?
When you have to wear multiple hats to be able to grow a successful business, is practically impossible out of the 24h days of out the 7 days of the week allocated any more time to learn new ways, strategies or even keep up with constant changes regulations all different levels (City, State, Federal, Global).

Our team of professionals search, research, and help your business to implement some of these strategies on a 101 Basis, we come to you so you don’t have to spend the time and resources doing the same thing. We work for you. making sure your business grows faster and stronger in less time.” Efficiency is the key element”. We have worked with well-established companies and enterprises In China-HK, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Panamá, and even Cuba. I’m offering consultancy and guidance in how to either go Global or how to establish their businesses in the USA.

In my business acumen we have more specific strategies for my US clients:

  • Residential Real Estate Lending
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Business Financing with Good, Bad and Ugly Credit

Jurisdiction: We work in the USA, Latin America, Europe. Singapore and Mainland China.

“Don’t Just Build Your Wealth, Protect it Now SM”