LatinQuarter of WPB is a non-profit, community-centered organization grounded in Latin culture with the purpose of fomenting civic participation and community engagement with other non-profits, governmental agencies, and law enforcement responding to the needs of the Hispanic community by raising awareness about Hispanic issues and culture.

LatinQuarter of WPB will educate, inform and empower residents and local leaders with Community Outreach Programs, will celebrate the rich Latin culture, and create a platform which will increase access to services and opportunities for growth as well as entrepreneurship by establishing a vibrant Latin District, that embraces local leaders, families and tourists alike.

LatinQuarter of WPB will serve as the “ENLACE” between local leaders and families providing transparent and accountable community services for volunteers, partners, and allies inspiring hope that everyone may achieve the American Dream.

Growing Diversity

The population of Palm Beach County became increasingly diverse ethnically and racially during the extreme growth of the Urban Expansion era…

In addition to white and black residents of various ancestries, in 1940 the U.S. Census Bureau reported 29 residents of “Other Races” (American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut, Asian, and Pacific Islander). By 1980 this number grew to almost 10,000 residents, with Asians accounting for the largest group.

Statewide, from 1920 to 1950, the black population had grown by about 100,000 residents per decade. Although like all segments of the population, black residents increased in numbers during Urban Expansion, their percentage of the total Florida population dropped gradually from 27% in 1940 to 14% by 1980. Palm Beach County experienced a similar decrease, from 36% African Americans in 1940, to 14% in 1980; meanwhile, other racial groups represented a larger part of the county’s inhabitants.

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