Latin Quarter WPB 2021 Challenge

2021 has arrived!  Most of us did not expect to continue to address the global pandemic, yet we embrace what is our new “norm”. 

We, at Latin Quarter WPB, recognize the importance of community engagement, our Board of Directors and newly established Barrio Advisory Board will be out in the Community throughout the upcoming months greeting our neighbors, residents, business owners, and community leaders to demonstrate the value of staying engaged.  Following all the CDC recommended guidelines, we will be safe, with social distancing, wearing masks and taking protective measures, reenergizing our sense of unity, a sense of belonging. We are all in this together!

Stop by and get to know our Team. We will be wearing our Latin Quarter WPBTM t-shirts ready to answer any questions and/or address any concerns.   

It is with responsibility and cares that we continue to connect with each other understanding that we all play an important role to sustain and support our community’s local businesses, schools, and each other.  We look forward to meeting you in the Beautiful Latin Quarter WPB District, City of West Palm Beach, FL.

JOIN the Latin Quarter WPB’s 2021 Challenge: share with us via Twitter @latinquarterwpb how you stay connected with your neighbors and friends.  Follows us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to receive up to date notifications where you may stop by and get to know your Latin Quarter WPB Team! 

Remember, it is important to stay connected even though it may seem and feel that we are apart!  Stay Safe!

By: Arlen M. Castillo

Co-Founder, Latin Quarter WPB